3 02 2010

She awakes,

Groggy eyed,

Body immobilised,

“It’s ok”

“Another new day”

Hit. Slap. Heart break.

And it begins.

Swollen eyes

Pain without the cry.

“It’s not ok”

“Just the same old day”

Split. Crack. Heart ache.

How did it come to this?

The hurt that was spurred by just one kiss.

He’s gone. You’re gone.

It’s done. You’re done.

Never the same, forever the pain

The constant tears,

The uncontainable fear.

Love isn’t just a word.

He awakes,

Groggy eyed.

Achey, numb, tongue-tied.

A relationship has two sides.



22 01 2010

I will be content with a handful of things,
Cherish my family and the love they bring,
Always be thankful to those who smile,
As that small a gesture can last the while.
Always appreciate the ones who stick around,
Through the good times, the bad times, there to pick you up when you’re down.
I promise to keep my head held high when it feels so low,
To outstretch the boundaries I doubted I could go.
I promise to sing when all the music has stopped,
Fill the air with my melody, drown out all the cocks.
I know I’m not perfect, so I won’t pretend to be
Anyone other than the girl who is referred to as me.